Jesus Christ in The Americas

In 1829 an ancient American record was translated in New York. This record was written on gold plates, and contained a history of the ancient people who lived on the American continent. In one section of the record, it tells the story of Jesus Christ visiting the ancient inhabitants of America, soon after his resurrection in Jerusalem. It explains that He showed his resurrected body to the people, that the people felt the prints of the nails in His hands and feet, and they testified He was indeed the Son of God. For 1,000 years God spoke with prophets and holy men in the Americas, and they recorded what God revealed to them. Around 420 AD the people were destroyed. Before they were destroyed, God commanded a prophet named Mormon to take the history of the people, and write an abbreviated version of their history. Mormon wrote the abbreviated history on plates of gold and called it the Book of Mormon. It’s called the Book of Mormon because the prophet who made the record was named Mormon. This literally is the most profound witness in our day that Christ did in fact live, die, and resurrect for all mankind. For both Christian and non-Christian alike, it stands as a testimony that Christ is real, that he is the Savior of the world, and that the Bible is true. Not only does it witness that Jesus Christ is indeed true, but the prophet Mormon had visions of our day. He saw and knew what we would need. So he wrote the record and the history for us, today. These are teachings God wanted for all mankind, including you, to have and read today, so your life can be filled with even greater hope, joy, and peace. In 1829 the record was translated by a modern day prophet named Joseph Smith. You may have heard of the Book of Mormon‒good or bad‒but have never had a chance to read it. Everyone is invited to read it, and the promise is that God will show you if this record is indeed true.    

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