Man in Prayer

One Man’s Journey…

Our Story Begins

In February 1910, a 26-year-old Italian Protestant Minister named Vincenzo Di Francesca, found an old book lying on a barrel full of ashes. He could tell it was a religious book, but it was missing its cover page and did not have a title on its cover, so he couldn’t make out its origins. As a man of deep religious convictions and curiosity, he began to sincerely study this book in hopes he would find greater happiness and understanding – only to find that his experience with this book would ultimately change his life forever as it had for many before him and countless others since.

Vincenzo believed – and came to know from his own experience – that understanding and living the principles he found in this book would bring greater hope, peace, and joy. He came to better understand the Bible and the life and ministry of Christ and grew closer to Him as he studied this book along with the Bible and tried to apply its teachings in his own life – and he saw the same happen in the lives of others he shared it with.