The Bible & The Book of Mormon

Learn about how the Bible and Book of Mormon work in tandem to help us better understand God’s word and will for us.

Christ the Redeemer Statue in Brazil

The Bible and Other sacred Texts Teach that the Word of God and the Son of God – the Word Made Flesh – Are Given to Bless All of God’s Children and Are a Divine Manifestation of God’s Love for Everyone, Everywhere

The Bible not only helps all who sincerely seek the blessings Vincenzo sought come unto Christ and find these blessings through Him, the Bible also teaches that Jesus Christ is the Savior of ALL the world – and we can come to know that for ourselves (for example, see John 4:42, 1 Tim 2:6, Heb… Read More
Moses and the 10 Commandments

The Bible and Other Sacred Texts Offer a Pattern for Sincere Seekers of Truth to Find Greater Hope, Peace, and Joy

The Bible as we know it consists of two main records, each made up of a collection of books or writings by different holy men called of God. The Old Testament focuses on an ancient society who looked forward to a Messiah and were taught by God through prophets principles and practices that would bring… Read More
Man in Prayer

One Man’s Journey…

Our Story Begins In February 1910, a 26-year-old Italian Protestant Minister named Vincenzo Di Francesca, found an old book lying on a barrel full of ashes. He could tell it was a religious book, but it was missing its cover page and did not have a title on its cover, so he couldn’t make out… Read More

Jesus Christ in The Americas

In 1829 an ancient American record was translated in New York. This record was written on gold plates, and contained a history of the ancient people who lived on the American continent. In one section of the record, it tells the story of Jesus Christ visiting the ancient inhabitants of America, soon after his resurrection in Jerusalem.… Read More