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Who We Are

We are normal, everyday people just like you who love God and His children. We come from all walks of life - some are older, some are younger, many are somewhere in the middle. We come from different states (even different countries!) and different work experiences (business, education, law, technology, just to name a few). Some are single, some are married, some are divorced. Some have kids and we all have vastly different hobbies. What unites us is our love of God and our desire to share His word and the peace and hope and joy that only He can give. 

As part of the regular routine of our lives (not not as part of a paid ministry or the like), we study the Bible and try to live its teachings as well as other teachings from God’s servants. Because we have consistently found great joy in learning and living and sharing God’s word, we decided to get together with others who share our love and desire and are constantly trying to find ways we can share even more with others!

Throughout our lives we have seen the impact God’s word has had in people’s lives, including bringing greater hope, peace, and joy into the lives of all who seek to understand and live His gospel. That’s why we created Greater Hope Today, and we hope to help you and many others find greater hope and peace and joy through Jesus Christ and His gospel just as we have. Thanks for joining us along our journey and for letting us be part of yours! 

What We Do

We began our work by sending out periodic e-mails to those who requested uplifting and insightful messages. Since then our offerings have grown to include phone visits, text messages, opportunities to pray for and even with people, personal visits from local affiliates where possible, and more. And we are working to be able to tailor all of these offerings more to your personal needs and interests in the future.

Now, we also gather and share information on our website and we’re looking for ways to use social media more to share more with others and help them come closer to God through His word. We’re experimenting with study sessions and other joint-learning experiences, and we are always available (in many ways!) to try to answer any questions  you might have the best we can. And in time, we hope to be able to do much, much more!

If there are specific ways you think we might be able to help you or someone you know, please let us know! We’re always looking for ways to better help others and improve and add to our services and offerings!

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